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Monday, August 30, 2010

"Dances with Marewolves"

People were sayin that Dooks part in the vid was like watchin guys comeback in fully flared. Thats what they said. Pheo, buddy, I apologise for not gettin any flics of u, bartender #1 and cartlidge bar back #2. Babies cryin, gotta go.

these guys

lent looked like a modell last night.

who who

sandy has nice hair, all of the time

paul sideways


Lets ditch Frank for his cooler brother
tough mother

rippers over there

mazel toughs


man child was trying to vet-tech alvieri's dog.

fun for everyone

some more fun over here too

eyes wide shut

busting chillers



how they do in hicksville


the stars from the movie


nice enders

how big

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