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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I get it now

- Whats cool about having a baby is that they're automatically a new best friend. Sorry Lee and Mr. mare, but you both just went down a notch on the bff list.

_There is one last Dish fish comin this week featuring never been seen Reegan Footy.

_ this site might get changed to Huck little fink and become a blog about babies.

_ I would like to be called papa from here on out. i'm joking partially

_ If anybody knows how to get down with these amazing looking Lent trips, call papa asap

_ I've been digging Graham Withers lately. Those short ties are interesting.

papa is tired now. Jah bless and good night.


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  2. We are equally interested in these short humans (congrats btw).

  3. hey bud. congrats on the little one. so psyched for you and lulo. i'll come around soon and say hi. check my blog and check out the new wheels i picked up. see ya soon.

    matt mastrorocco